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The LeoVegas casino section with its numerous slots, table games, live croupier rooms, and Andar Bahar options, continues to wow. Read this comprehensive review to learn how to start playing Andar Bahar on the site, how to win often, and more!

With a fantastic game variety that includes table games, slot machines, and live casino, LeoVegas has grown to become one of the market’s top competitors since its debut in 2013. The Malta Gaming Authority issued a legitimate bookie license to the platform.  The LeoVegas betting site is much more than simply an online casino. It offers entertainment from a number of renowned game developers like NetEnt, whose games are renowned for their excellence and fairness. It also provides software from 34 more vendors, including Microgaming, NextGen, IGT, and Play’n Go. The gambling site also offers a live casino section powered by industry leaders – Evolution, NetEnt, and Extreme to guarantee that you only get the best experience of Andar Bahar. LeoVegas Casino is indeed the best portal in terms of customer pastime!

How to Play Andar Bahar at LeoVegas

Detailed game instructions to start playing Andar Bahar on LeoVegas

The popularity of the Andar Bahar table game is rising among Indian gamblers, thanks to its basic rules and fast-paced gameplay. Essentially, you just need to guess which of the two sides wins – Andar or Bahar. The winning side is the one the House Card (joker) lands on.

If you’re wondering how to play the game on the LeoVegas official site, the process goes as follows:


Before showing the joker to players at the start of the game, the dealer must shuffle the deck.


After that, the participants will place wagers on whether the joker ends up on the Andar or Bahar side of the table.


Once the joker lands on either the Bahar side or the Andar side, the round ends, and winnings are paid out.

This game, which requires a high level of competence, some element of chance, and the capacity for intelligent predictions, has been played by Indians for a very long time. It is simple to comprehend, entertaining, and offers a variety of alternatives.

The game is not difficult to understand. The fact that cards are dealt out every 90 seconds is one of the game’s advantages. Even though there is only one betting round, Andar Bahar is exciting, thus the action never ends!

Gaming Rules

As mentioned earlier, the main goal of Andar Bahar is to guess whether the Andar box or the Bahar box wins. The dealer reveals the first card called joker after the deck has been shuffled and places it at the table’s center.

The participants then place their wagers by guessing which boxes, Andar or Bahar, will be the first to have the card that matches the joker. For instance, if the joker is 7, and another 7 lands on the Bahar side, all Bahar bets win. Similar to slots, roulette, and the lottery, Andar Bahar is a game of chance rather than skill.

When playing Andar Bahar with a dealer and other players, using a conventional deck of fifty-two cards and each card’s usual value, it needs some luck to guess which box the joker will land in. Since the probabilities are equal, both outcomes have an equal chance of success. When you play at the table, you’ll note that the left section is called Andar and the right area is called Bahar.

When the dealer unveils the joker, the initial bets are placed. If the Bahar side has a joker card, Bahar bets win and Andar bets lose, and vice versa. A part of the payment for the Andar bets will go to the Bahar bets.

After the croupier deals the first two cards and none of them is the joker, players can place a second wager.

Andar Bahar Tips & Tricks

Learning how to gamble on Andar Bahar, using various techniques and strategies is quite essential. Consider the following tips if you want to have the best gaming experience at LeoVegas:

Learn the fundamental terms and game rules.

Even though Andar Bahar is an easy game, you still need to know its particulars and intricacies in order to access the lobby. There aren’t many specialist terms, but you should become familiar with words like “Bahar,” “Andar,” “game card,” and “longshot side bet.”

You can bet on Bahar on the right and Andar on the left spot or box. These words mean “inside” and “outside” in Hindi. The game card is the first card to be taken out of the deck and placed in the middle. The round must end with a match before it may continue.

A wager can be placed on up to 41 cards being dealt in some live Andar Bahar variations before a match is found for the center card. This is known as a longshot bet.

The importance of thoroughly understanding the game is recognized by seasoned players. You would be shocked at how frequently beginners dive right in without completely comprehending even the most fundamental ideas. Beginners, for instance, could think that the trends of earlier results are crucial for subsequent rounds. The fact is that it is impossible to foretell how a round will conclude. So, keep it in mind.

Look for any rule modifications

Live casinos provide a variety of Andar Bahar versions with live dealers. They all share the game’s historical foundation, and some even follow it precisely. However, other games include brand-new elements like extra bets and side bets. Take a moment to become comfortable with the interface and understand the rules of the game before you join a live Andar Bahar table at LeoVegas. Before you can decide on your bets, you might need to learn fresh knowledge.

The most common (and significant) distinction between Andar Bahar brick-and-mortar and virtual casinos is which side receives the 1st card. If the joker is black, Andar receives the 1st card (clubs or spades.) Bahar receives the 1st card if the Joker is red (hearts or diamonds). To keep things simple, some games, however, always deal cards to Andar first. Playtech Live Andar Bahar, for instance, never deals cards to Bahar first. The odds in Andar Bahar are radically altered by what appears to be a little modification.

Make wise bets

Okay, there are only two bets available, so it seems obvious. Most of the time, it is accurate, but some Andar Bahar players contend that betting on Andar reduces the house advantage and raises your odds of winning. This is true when the Andar box receives the first card drawn following the middle card. The hand will be won 51.5% of the time by the side that is dealt the first card, and 48.5% of the time by the other side.

A lesser payment of merely 0.9:1 for the side that receives the first card makes up for this. But Andar remains the better wager because of how its math functions. This wager always has a 0.85% lower house edge.

If you incorporate Andar Bahar side bets, this disparity in wager quality becomes much more apparent. Take the Number of Cards dealt wager, for instance. With an RTP of 98.10%, the 16-25 choice is perhaps the strongest wager in Andar Bahar. The 11–15, however, only has 92.97%. The disparity is fairly substantial. Don’t jump into things too quickly, and again, pay great attention to the game’s regulations and payout table.

Make benefit of live casino bonuses

Some players disregard bonuses and just view them as a form of the LeoVegas promotion system. Although they are undoubtedly intended to draw in customers, a savvy player may make use of them to significantly reduce the house edge.

Before you ask, the answer is no, nothing in Andar Bahar can ensure victory. However, you might consider your gambling successful if you take out more cash at the conclusion of the session than you put in. Always keep your bottom line in mind; after all, that is what real-time gambling for real money is all about.

Making use of live casino bonuses is one approach to do this. This tip may be used for practically any kind of web gambling activity, including Andar Bahar. The goal, as we described in the previous suggestions on this page, is to play strategically while maximizing RTP. By doing this, you can make sure your Andar Bahar bonus is valid for as long as it takes you to meet the wagering requirements.

Control your spending

Learning self-control can occasionally be more challenging than understanding the rules of a game of chance. Although Andar Bahar is simple to play, it can be difficult for players to control their impulses to spend too much money. The rounds go extremely quickly, necessitating hasty bets with little opportunity for calculation. It is important to allocate a budget and choose the wager size in advance for games like these. If you are a newbie, it is extremely vital to start with small wagers. You may allow yourself to raise the bets as you gain experience along the road, as long as you stay within your means. Never pursue losses and keep your calm.

LeoVegas Andar Bahar Bonus 

Bonuses prepared by LeoVegasfor Andar Bahar Indian fans

If you enjoy playing casino games, getting money bonuses from LeoVegas will make you happy. The monetary prize is intended to make the player’s online gambling sessions more enjoyable. Currently, the list of promotions on the site includes:

  • Casino Sign-Up Bonus

A 100% match of up to $1,500 (124,161 Indian Rupee) plus 200 free spins for the Book of Dead slot are included in the LeoVegas sign-up offer. It takes a $10 (~830 INR) minimum deposit. Unless otherwise specified, all LeoVegas Casino deposit offers will be subject to a rollover requirement of 20 times the offer value amount. The welcome bonus is available for use on slot machines, baccarat, and roulette. Andar Bahar live games don’t contribute to the wager.

  • Live Casino Promotion

If playing well-known live dealer games like Andar Bahar, Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat is your thing, the LeoVegas site will give you an additional $1,000 (82,774 INR) to play with. This 100% match-up bonus for live gaming is really simple: the casino will double every amount you make between $10 (the minimum deposit) and $1,000. You must bet your bonus 20 times at live table games before you can cash out your winnings.

Requirements for Wagering

The bonuses at LeoVegas include a wagering requirement, just like they typically do at online casinos. It is merely 20x for Indian players. You must bet real money to wager your bonus 20 times while playing on the website before you can withdraw any profits. Some casinos provide no-wagering free spins without a replenishment, but those are not equivalent to LeoVegas’ deposit bonus.

Game Restrictions

The welcome bonus can be used in full to play in any jackpot or classic slot game. The best chances to spend your bonuses are on video slots. However, keep in mind that the promotion contributions for table games like Andar Bahar and roulette are only 10%. Therefore, we do not advise using your extra money to play those games. The live casino bonus, in turn, can be spent on real-dealer tables exclusively. That’s what Andar Bahar fans may find really useful.

Bonus Codes at LeoVegas

Customers are not yet required to utilize promotional codes in order to reap the benefits of bonus offers and promotions at LeoVegas. Once the gambler opts in, all currently running promos, including the welcome bonus, are promptly paid to their account. When it’s appropriate, you’ll be asked to opt in. This also applies to receiving offers from the mobile website or app.

Download LeoVegas Andar Bahar App 

How to download and install the LeoVegas app and start playing Andar Bahar

The LeoVegas slogan is “The King of Mobile,” and it certainly lives up to that claim. It is obvious why they have received honors for Best Mobile Operator. Unlike most others, the casino began on mobile and transitioned to desktop. The platform is mobile-friendly indeed!

There isn’t any software that is more user-friendly than on LeoVegas. Everything you require is conveniently located on the home screen. The most well-liked games will be displayed to you when you check in, and you can access the whole library of games with only one tap.

And even though the best mobile casinos are very competitive and often add new features, LeoVegas India still stands out since it has an enormous assortment of games. In fact, it most likely has one of the largest mobile offers, if not the largest. There are more than 800 slot machine games available, 89 of which are astoundingly only accessible via mobile. LeoVegas provides a high level of safety, even if you play on the go.

Again, having mobile-only games is essentially unheard of. Microgaming provides the majority of the casino’s mobile titles, but you can also find games by NextGen, NetEnt, Play’n Go, and IGT. There are many jackpot slots, including the classics, and the most recent releases.Numerous table games, including mobile scratch cards, blackjack, poker, roulette, and even a live casino with lots of Andar Bahar options, are also available. This casino can honestly say that its mobile experience is just as good—if not better—than its desktop experience.

LeoVegas Mobile: How to Download on Android and iOS?

One of the few brands whose name is synonymous with excellence and excitement on mobile devices is LeoVegas. Its Android app offers a wide range of entertainment. The application includes everything, whether you’re interested in live casino games, sports, or common casino games. The LeoVegas team’s consideration has made it as simple as possible to obtain the LeoVegas APK file version 4.0.3:


Select the “Support” option on the LeoVegas site.


Tap “Android APK” from the selection that appears.


Allow installing apps from unknown sources in the security section of your device’s settings by opening the settings menu.


To download LeoVegas, follow the provided link.

The next step is to install the LeoVegas app on your smartphone when it has been downloaded. This is not difficult and can be done quickly. Just a heads up – you’ll need to participate in the installation by giving permission. The rest is simple once it’s delivered, as we’ll explain below:


Press “OK” when your phone/tablet notifies you that the download is complete.


The LeoVegas app will be installed on your smartphone/tablet when you give permission.


After installation, look for the LeoVegas application icon on your home screen.


To launch the app, tap the icon.

Now, you may log into the app or create an account.

For iPhone and iPad users, LeoVegas offers an iOS application available through the App Store. You just need to access it on your device, enter “LeoVegas Online” using the search bar, and click “Get” to start the app download. It’s important to note that there are no additional procedures required to install the LeoVegas mobile app on iOS. Installation follows once the download is finished. In case you encounter any issues, make sure to do the following:


Restart your smartphone if the installation of the app fails to run.


Then, go through the procedure again by downloading the application.


Press the app icon to launch the LeoVegas iOS software when it has been successfully installed.

Benefits of LeoVegas Mobile

The all-in-one design element of the LeoVegas mobile software is one of its key benefits. For any bettor with different gambling interests, this makes life simple. In addition to providing access to thousands of sporting events, it also offers casino and live dealer games.

Beyond its straightforwardness, LeoVegas mobile is built with player-focused and user-friendly features. These rank highly among consumers in terms of advantages since they enhance the betting experience as a whole. Of course, a nice touch is the simple navigation and usage of menus that are properly placed.

System Requirements

When referring to system requirements, it would be an understatement to say that things have changed in terms of mobility. The majority of gadgets are automatically created with the most recent technology, and their operating systems are current. In the simplest terms possible, issues shouldn’t occur unless your gadget is antiquated and out-of-date. You may always download the most recent operating system for security if you’re unsure. 

In general, LeoVegas is compatible with the following devices:

  • Samsung S6/7/8/8+/9/9+/10/10e/10+/20/20+, Tab, Edge, Mini, Note, A41/71/51/90, Xcover 3
  • iPhone 5 and later models
  • Huawei P10/30/40 Pro/40 lite, Mate 10 Pro/20 Pro/S/30 Pro, Y6, M5
  • Sony Compact, Plus, Premium, Xperia M5, Z5, SP, ZR, ZL, XZ, XZ2, XA2, Ultra, Tablet Z4
  • Motorola One Zoom, One Action, G power, Edge+, Moto E, one fusion+, Moto Z4
  • HTC Nexus Series, Dual SIM, U Ultra, PU11+, U12+
  • XIAOMI Redmi 8/9/K30 Pro, MIX Alpha, Mi 10 Lite/Pro, Note 9S/10/10 Pro, 8A Dual

Google Pixel 2, 3, 4, 5, and more!

Mobile Website VS App

A comparison of the two choices may be useful in light of the variety of mobile goods LeoVegas provides. We have thus provided a list of benefits and drawbacks for applications and the mobile version in order to shed some light:

Mobile siteHundreds of casino games are availableAccessible on mobile devices Well-optimized for different devicesUpdates are not necessary User-friendly layoutPlayers will have to manually enter their account details to log in to every gaming session
Free-to-download appVery efficient and performance-orientedExcellent collection of gamesThe application includes more than 50 software developers’ game contentExcellent possibilities for promotion and assistanceThe app should be updated regularly

Support LeoVegas Andar Bahar

Up-to-date contacts to contact LeoVegas support

The LeoVegas customer service deserves high praise. Professional, helpful, amiable, and competent employees are ready to answer every casino-related question. They always respond quickly and with useful information.

Like most other casinos, it offers 24/7 customer service by email, international hotlines, and live chat. Support is available non-stop, even on public holidays, and in a variety of languages.

The fastest options are live chat and phone. Email ([email protected]) is still a fantastic alternative though, as it typically ensures prompt and kind replies.

Also, it’s a good idea to check the FAQ section before calling customer care because it is also quite useful. It provides solutions to a range of concerns, including banking inquiries, technological problems, and questions about withdrawal and depositing.

Is it legal to play Andar Bahar on LeoVegas online casino site

The LeoVegas online casino has permits for operation from Denmark, Ireland, and Malta. These regulators are recognized for imposing the tightest rules on their licensees. Additionally, it is associated with NetEnt which only works with the greatest and most reliable casinos. A top-notch customer support staff is also provided. The following contribute to this operator’s high ranking and legal operation:

  • It is licensed by the relevant gambling authorities.
  • The casino provides excellent financial transaction security.
  • Each game is tested and verified.
  • LeoVegas works with top software companies.

In addition, we cannot but mention in this LeoVegas review that the casino employs 2048-bit SSL encryption technology to provide the utmost safety of any personal and financial information players share with it. The platform’s games are all RNG-tested for randomness, and the software developers are all eCOGRA-certified. ESET has also certified the site to ensure LeoVegas security. The banking options offered are another indication of its legitimacy and reliability. The payment mediums are all regarded as reliable and well-known. Thus, LeoVegas is clearly secure to use since it has the greatest licenses and certifications, top game providers, and the PayPal stamp of approval. And as an offshore gambling operator, the casino is 100% legal in India!